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Searching accomodation in Munich

septiembre 1, 2009 16 comentarios
Next year I will go to Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, in Munich, to continue my studies on physics as a Erasmus student. At a glance the city looks beautiful, full of life, culture and fun but, when you are looking for accomodation isn’t easy at all.
City Hall, Munich

City Hall, Munich

I have spent a month looking for a room and due to the dificulties, I think that It could be great idea tell you the “knowledge” achieved.
I begin to search in various webs that the university have recommended me and they look very useful, fast, organized and other good stuff but, the real thing is that they are like this because it’s dificult to find a room.
When you are searching the first problem you find it’s that all the important things are in german. I have used the google translate, the dix dictionary and a page of acronyms to fix this problem

where you will get your answers.
Then, you want to know the cost of a monthly rent near the center of the city, this it’s about 400€ aprox., to know about “what it’s the normal month rent”. That it’s pretty expensive but in most cases this includes things like heating and internet connection.

Other useful thing it’s to know what are the city districts to get an intuition of the areas of interest

This page it’s wonderful because there you can find all you can expect (almost) about Germany if you are foreigner. For example: adverts of accomodation

of people searching for a tenant or a flatmate and avise about how to find a room in Munich

it’s pretty good so I don’t going to repeat the information you will get there.

I searched there and I have get it with

 Mrliving it’s an accomodation agency. That means that you will find accomodation but they will ask you for a commission due to the help given depending on the months you stay. I chose this option because I was looking for a room in August and due to the Oktoberfest I had a few options (plus searching from my home) so I didn’t want to spend too much time and I did this that way.

Furthermore you will want to know one thing. If you want to search for accomodation for yourself in a shared flat or whatever the best thing it’s call to the owner’s advert because in most cases the owners are old people and they, you know, don’t check the email so: use the technologies of today! I mean: skype, etc., to call them cheaply.

Finally… how to communicate with them? Let say you begin your phone conversation with

“Sprechen Sie Englisch?
Translation: “Do you speak english?”

And if the phone voice say “Yes” you get it! 😉

That’s all.

I hope this help you.